Be Faithful to the ONES

Awesome article from Will Hutcherson! Never lose sight of each individual student that walks into your ministry!


My first perspective of student ministry was not your typical story. When I started, I was working full time at a very large church as the programming and production guy in a student ministry with a weekly attendance of 600. Over the course of 5 years and multiple youth pastor transitions, the attendance never went below 200. Needless to say, I had a very narrow view of what student ministry looks like. That is, until my first pastorate in 2006.

I had moved to a new city to attend Southeastern University and was given the chance by a faithful pastor, Don Ewart, to take a part time youth pastor position for a small church of 50. The student ministry that I was asked to lead had a weekly attendance of 5, AND, 3 of them were brothers! When that one family didn’t show, we lost over half the youth group!

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7 Things We’ve Learned about Reaching Today’s Youth, by Ron Edmondson

7 Key Things to Reaching Students

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7 Things We’ve Learned about Reaching Today’s Youth, by Ron Edmondson

The statistics are staggering. The older a child gets today, the greater his or her chances are of disappearing from the church. The church must intentionally plan to reverse this trend.

Grace Community Church is built around a desire to reach people who may not have previously been interested in church. We love when people bring their friends. This vision extends to reaching the youth of our community. Along the way, we’ve learned a few things.

If the church wants to reach young people these days, here are 7 things we must do:

Love them – Young people today seem to crave genuine, no strings attached, healthy love from other adults…and they want it to be unconditional love…through the good times of their life and the times they mess up.

Be biblically true – Young people today don’t…

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