Youth Ministry Coaching Philosophy

  • Vision… Why do you do what you do? Where is God leading your ministry? What is your mission? What do you value?

Clearly articulate your vision, mission, and core values based on the vision of your church as a whole and where God is leading your ministry.

  • Discipleship… What must you accomplish in order to create a culture of discipleship within your ministry? Are you creating disciples who are creating disciples?

We are called to make disciples of all nations! Prioritize a process that creates a culture of discipleship.

  • Parents… Are you leading a family-based youth ministry? How do you partner with parents? Do you involve parents in conversations about your ministry?

Establish on ramps for parents to become involved, giving them a clear voice into the life of your ministry. 

  • Leadership… How do you empower your leaders? Does your leadership pipeline match your vision? Is your ministry equipping leaders or just volunteers?

Create an organizational chart and clear objectives for every single leader, empowering them to accomplish far more than you expect.

  • Growth… What metrics are you measuring? Are you experiencing spiritual and numerical growth? What is keeping your ministry from reaching the next phase?

An increase in attendance does not mean growth! Measure success one life at a time while developing clear metrics for your ministry.

  • Missional… How much time do you spend away from the campus of your church? What organizations and churches do you partner with?

Create a plan to meet students on their turf. Establish your philosophy of ministry out of Kingdom mindset.

  • Calendar… How do you maintain a simple ministry calendar, while making sure you keep kids interested? How do you set and communicate the vision for each event?

Once a year, construct a 12-18 month calendar that matches your vision that includes discipleship, leadership, outreach, and attractional ministry. 

  • Culture… How are you creating an inviting and challenging culture that draws students closer to Christ? Do leaders, families, and students connect with your culture?

Verbalize the culture you are looking to create to your leaders, students, and families. Allow it to infiltrate your entire ministry.

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