Imagine If… Finding Hope in the Cross

john-19-30Imagine if you were there, over 2000 years ago, in Jerusalem… Imagine if you had seen Jesus stumbling down the road. Imagine if you had seen him beaten, watched them shove a crown of thorns on his head, watched as he fell to the ground, and heard the crowd scream ‘Crucify!’ Imagine if you had watched as he suffered, bled, and died on the wooden cross. What would have gone through your mind? Would you have been filled with compassion or joined the crowd in cheering on his death? Last evening I took our middle and high school students on a journey through Jesus’ death on the cross. It was one of the most powerful services we have ever experienced at Youth Night @ Cape Christian! My challenge out of the message was this… The way we live our lives today is a reflection of how we would have reacted if we were there over 2000 years ago! Many of us are passionately living out our relationship with Christ. We are filled with His compassion, love, and grace! Those of us who have dedicated our lives to a relationship with Christ would have been extremely sympathetic as we watched Jesus suffer. Many of us would have stepped in and attempted to save Jesus! There are many ‘Christians’ that live their lives as if Jesus is still dead – almost as if he is a figment of their imagination or a good idea to live by. They may have the knowledge of God, understand some of the Bible, but fall into the pressures of culture. As that happens, they are basically staring at Jesus and yelling ‘Crucify!’ My prayer is that my life is a testimony of who Jesus is, not because it is a good idea, but because of the love that Jesus has shown me on the cross! Here is the audio link to last night’s message – Imagine If… Finding Hope in the Cross.  I challenge you to take 25 minutes to listen to it. Hopefully God challenges you as you find hope in the cross!

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