Making Disciples in Youth Ministry: What Should We Focus On?

Excellent article on the importance of discipling our students to know God, obey God, and love God!

God-Centered Youth Ministry

It is easy to get distracted in youth ministry. In my own life, numbers, deadlines, planning events, and dealing with expectations of others can all become the prominent focus in my mind. Yet, to be faithful ministers of the Gospel we must never forget our true calling and purpose.


Ultimately, the goal of youth ministry is to train high school students to be faithful disciples of Jesus. We must never lose sight of this. Everything we do – the events we plan, the sermons we preach, and the camps we attend – should ultimately focus on training disciples.

But what does it mean to train disciples? More specifically, as we seek to make disciples, what should we focus on fostering and cultivating in our students? As I’ve pondered this question, I’ve benefited greatly  the words I heard Alvin Reid share at the Rooted Conference last year (He took it from…

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