Creating Balanced Student Ministries

Great article on creating balance in student ministry between fun and depth!



I recently posted an article about being a disruptive leader in our student ministries. (You can read more here.) One of my youth coaches mentioned he loved the idea of being disruptive as a leader, but his concern was how do you balance the art of having fun with students while still wanting to get in serious discussions with them. In fact his words were, “I don’t envy youth ministers!” Such a light-weight!

I wanted to continue talking about disruptions and using them for teaching moments. Student ministries many times are like pendulums. On one side, many ministries are all about games and fun and spend little  time or focus on serious teaching. While other ministries are into serious teaching times and have little focus on having fun.  A healthy student ministry has to find the balance between the extremes.

Here are four tips that I have found to…

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