How Dependency Hurts the Church

Incredible article on the responsibility to disciple our students!

Anthony Ochoa's Blog

There once were a man and woman who had a few children. And from the time they were born, the parents did everything for them. They changed their diapers, they wiped their behind, they fed them, they changed their clothes for them, they organized their entire schedule. But as they grew older, none of these habits changed. As 30 year old adults, the “children” still had their behinds wiped, still were spoon fed, still had their clothes picked out and changed for them, and their entire schedule was completely dependent upon their parents. Pretty weird, huh?

So often in churches, especially in youth ministry (which is what I oversee here at my church), we have the mindset that the pastor needs to do all the work: “The pastor(s) should be involved in organizing every single event we do, every event we do needs to be announced by the pastor(s), we…

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