Organizational Clarity and Why it Matters in Student Minisry

Excellent article in regards to organizational clarity within student ministry!


I’m going to throw out two words that, I have to admit, are pretty loaded.  But take a good, long look at each and then think about your leadership team you have created… which one defines your team at this moment: CLARITY or CONFUSION?

The reason that these are loaded words is because, if we were honest, we would have to answer that question with a “It depends…” answer.  What are we clear on?  What are we confused on?   There could be A LOT of different results based on a lot of different situations.

But what about when it comes to the MAIN ORGANIZATIONAL side of things?  When it comes to WHO you are, WHY you exist, WHAT you do… which word describes your team?  CLARITY or CONFUSION?

One reason that teams do not succeed is because there is confusion amongst the team members over the who, why…

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