The 7 best things to say to your kid everyday

The power of words… 7 incredible things all of our kids need to hear from us as parents!

We all know the power of words. Words can destroy someone or make them someone great. As a parent we must learn to speak good things into our children. As a parent and a student pastor I have seen the power of words. I have seen parents destroy their kids with negative speech. Here are seven things you should say to your kid every single day.

1. I love you

Sounds simple enough, but far too many times we fail to utilize the power in this simple statement. These three words carry more weight than any other combination of words the English language can offer.

2. I am proud of you

Is your teenager in a difficult place attitude wise? Try to find something that you are proud of them for and tell them. Don’t make it fake because that will just make it inauthentic. But find something and be…

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