Is youth ministry unbiblical? A defense of local church youth and children ministry

Awesome article on the ‘extra-biblical’ purpose of youth ministry!

Matthew McCraw

If I hear one more Christian speaker say that youth ministry is unbiblical I think I’m going to…well, I don’t know what I’m going to do.  I guess my frustration level will simply grow.  This seems to be a growing trend these days.  My frustration centers around two main areas: the use of the word unbiblical and the logic of throwing something out simply because it hasn’t been used properly.

First, let’s bring a little clarity to the term unbiblical.  When I hear that word I think of something that is against what the Bible teaches.  For instance, drunkenness is unbiblical, children disobeying their parents is unbiblical, lack of love for your Christian brother is unbiblical, forsaking fellowship with other Christians is unbiblical…get it?  I’m not sure that you can put youth ministry in that category.  I would say that youth ministry is extra-biblical.  This is, youth ministry is…

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