Our Goal

Great article on the goal of making disciples within student ministry!


Our Goal

In ministry it can be easy to get exhausted, burned out, or sidetracked. Difficulties arise and our focus can be subtly and slowly shifted. We can lose sight of our calling in a sea of pizza, parties, and purity pledges. In times like these, times experienced all too frequently by youth ministers both paid and unpaid, we need to remind ourselves what our goal in ministry really is.

Our goal is not to make “good kids,”

Our goal is not to make sure that our students are getting good grades, impressing their teachers, or making it into a good school.

Our goal is not to entertain students, to get them to church, or to make them bring friends.

Our goal is to make disciples.

Our goal is to challenge students mentally and spiritually, to ask them questions that force them to engage with God and with scripture in ways that…

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