Student Ministry Leadership

What does a quality, Christlike student ministry leader look like? How do we create a culture that is inviting, exciting, and empowering for leaders of all ages, stages, and styles? We must raise up leaders that are full of Godly character, Biblical integrity, and a passion to see the message of Jesus transform the lives of our students!

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Missional Discipleship

Jesus’ agenda was always discipleship. According to Matthew 28:18-20, His vision for the church is to make disciples. Everything we do and say within student ministry begins and ends with where we are at in Christ. As Christians, our main focus must be to replicate relational discipleship as we live on mission for the cause of Christ

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Family on Mission

What must we do in order for our families to truly experience God’s fullness? The mission God has called us to is clear – living out a Christ-centered student ministry means that we are providing our parents with the tools, resources, and relationships they need to live out their calling. They must become the spiritual leaders of their homes!

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Resources & Curriculum

Are you struggling to come up with the next message or series you are going to go through with your students? We have made available multiple resources that will challenge your middle and high school students with the relevant truth of God’s Word! Our prayer is that you see lives transformed for the cause of Christ by the power of Scripture spoken in and through these resources.

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Student Ministry Coaching

What does it look like to establish a Christ centered student ministry? Do you need help clarifying your vision? Do you desire to intentionally partner with families? Do you want to establish a culture that will have your community talking? Do you need help establishing a solid foundation for leadership? Are you interested in having CCSM evaluate your student ministry?

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Euler Zoo on Wheels

My wife, Autumn, and I have been married for almost 11 years! During those 11 amazing years, we have been blessed with 5 incredibly beautiful children! Lorelei (10), Landon (9), Allie (7), Elijah (5), and Everett (2). I have been involved in Student Ministry for over 12 years, and have served as the Student Ministries Pastor at 2 large churches in South Florida – leading student ministries ranging from under 20 students to over 300 students!

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